I went karaoke last night because I didn’t have to get up quite so early this morning, and then I ended up staying up on Facebook after I got home, and now I think it has shifted me onto this weird sleep schedule where my body suddenly thinks up until 2AM is standard.  Tomorrow’s big goal will be going to bed before midnight.  I’m so ambitious!

For most of the last several months, I wouldn’t have considered it an issue to be up this late; I was working from home, I set my own hours, and unless I had a morning meeting, it wasn’t all that big of a deal when I started my day.  But now that my organization has an official office, I’m trying to get back into the habit of going out of the house for work every day.  It’s not as easy as it sounds when you’ve become quite well adjusted to a more laid back, pajama-based work culture.

I also have to re-remember how to pack lunch and snacks for work.  I’ve gotten used to having my full kitchen at my disposal during the workday.  We have a full kitchen at work – but it’s not my kitchen, stocked with all my food and supplies.  I have to change up my grocery shopping list again, so that it contains more of those easy-pack snacking items that I had gotten into a pretty good rhythm with when I was working at my old office last summer.

All in all, I think I wasn’t fully prepared for the culture shock of transitioning from working at home.  I like my office and my office mates, and I want to develop the habit of inhabiting our space; this first week, though, is a little rough.  On the bright side: I can finally describe my commute to work and back as “uphill both ways,” since both my home and my office are on hills!  Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.


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