Loopy loops

Signs it’s time for a justice worker to go on vacation: when, while washing your lingerie, you start imagining your bras and panties as beings fighting against systemic injustices in how carefully and with what type of detergent different types of them are washed.  I have an overactive imagination; suffice it to say it was up and running around 2am this morning.

But the short sleep and kooky trains of thought were all totally worth it, because I am officially on the plane headed to a long-awaited vacation.  This winter has been so brutal that I honestly wasn’t sure I’d make it to today, and this week has been so crazy I was certain I wouldn’t be able to go on vacation with an easy mind.  But vacationing I am, and thinking about work I am not.  Hooray!

I am doing something a little unusual this vacation: I’m going to a resort in a popular vacation spot.  I’ve never visited a country for the first time in that kind of isolated tourist setting, and while I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the all-inclusive, sister-ain’t-leaving-the-free-buffet-and-bar extravaganza that awaits me, my justice brain couldn’t help but think a little bit about tourism,  authenticity and exploitation.  In a way, I feel like it’s almost inaccurate to say that I’ll be visiting Mexico, as I probably won’t have a single interaction with the city and its inhabitants that isn’t about serving and accommodating me as a temporary visitor with the privilege of means and a US passport.  If I actually want to be in and get to know Mexico, I’ll need to return in a different way, on different terms.

But for the moment, I am so thankful to be headed to a warm place, so that I can do nothing but rest.  I appreciate the blessing of travel, and good friends, and temperatures to remind me that I won’t always live in a polar vortex.  Hopefully I’ll find some internet service to post during the trip (I still intend to write every day, even if I can’t upload); but if I don’t, see you in a few days with a super blogging bomb!


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