Let the fun begin!

Today is the first day of my Lent challenge for 2014: to write in this blog every day of Lent.  Rather than giving something up, I decided to do what I’ve done a couple of times in years past and use this time for a positive discipline that I need to work on.  One year, when I had been rebellious with God for a good several months (and yet still was keeping Lent … I’m a study in paradoxes), my discipline was attending church every Sunday during Lent.  Those were the six most emotionally challenging worship Sundays I think I’ve ever experienced; but they brought me back to my relationship with the Lord, and I’ve always marveled at the way He used that time to heal me and reconcile me to Him.  So I’m excited to discover what this year’s positive discipline will bring.

It might seem like writing in my blog doesn’t have much to do with my faith life; but then, of course, that would mean you aren’t paying any attention to the title of my blog.  😀  This entire project has been about wrestling with how I live in the world as a Christian who is admittedly very broken and deeply in need of Jesus, and how that touches everything from my relationships to my mental and physical health to my job and my politics.  In this seasonal challenge, though, the tie is very specific and practical.  I feel like the work that the Lord is calling me to over the coming years will require me to be able to write at length, perhaps even to write a book – and I realized that I seriously lack the kind of writing discipline necessary to engage in that work.  So this is me working on the discipline of writing, for both consistency and style, in order to get ready for the things to come.  Like I said, I’m really pretty excited (albeit a little scared that I will mess up and not stick it out).

One piece of good news is that I realized I write blog length pieces all the time; it just turns out that they’re usually Facebook rants on my or someone else’s posts!  So I’ve got the energy for the task, and I just need to add focus.  Plus, I’m sure I have more than a few friends who want me to stop hijacking discussions on their pages …

At any rate, I hope those of you who are interested will follow along, comment, keep me accountable, and see what results!


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