Help! ‘Cause I need somebody.

I know, it’s way too early in the semester, but I am already a) super-tired and b) a little behind on my assignments. D’oh!

This last week has clearly been the Week of Adjusting to Reality, following the first Week of Naive Optimism About the Year Ahead. The adjustment started when I was trying to figure out why the heck I was so tired all the time; and then I remembered that going to work and going to school at the same time is kind of insane. Clearly, my experience at my alma mater was like childbirth: a very painful experience that your body and mind promptly forgets in the bliss of your ultimate accomplishment … which is what allows people to keep having children, and me to embark on my second year of grad school after taking on a new job.

Of course, I loved my undergrad institution and was one of its biggest fans, before as well as after I graduated. Similarly, I still adore my job and I am really glad to be back in school. I appreciate the good feelings that helped me take on the upcoming year; and I also appreciate that I’m getting my reality-check now, so I can prepare myself for the hard work ahead.

I did get a little extra fright from my boss this past week, as he mentioned that he was concerned about how well I would perform in the spring, which is both the busiest period in my job cycle and my final semester. He was suggesting that perhaps I should take the semester off, and come back to school in the fall, as there wasn’t any real rush to get my degree by May (from his point of view). I initially balked inside, feeling like if I took a leave, all of a sudden school would dragon forever and I’d never get finished. Then I remembered that, if I had to do my second summer fellowship during the academic year, I’d been planning to take a semester off and come back in the fall anyway – so honestly, if I had to do it for work, what’s the big deal? It just illustrates one of my primary personality failings that I’m working on, which is that I tend to reject ideas that don’t match with my initial conception of what should go on, without giving them proper consideration before reacting. The good news is that, after a couple of minutes, hours or days, I’m generally able to stop being so stubborn and consider alternatives. 🙂

Things I have to remember as I get into the rest of the semester:

  • NO GRAD SCHOOL DIETS. My body gave me heck this past week for my indulgence in carbs and candy on Monday and Tuesday. Big no-no; regardless of how crazy my schedule gets, I have to keep on my good food regimen, because it keeps me happy and healthy.
  • I am not a socialite. I’m giving myself a couple of additional weeks of being a social butterfly (mostly because of things I already committed to doing), but starting in October, I am shutting down my social scene. I have a job, a graduate fellowship, and 4 different boards to serve on in addition to school; there’s no time for partying.
  • TV will wait. It’s why I have a DVR, so that I don’t have to watch everything at once. And I know full well that I get half as much done in twice the time if I put on the boob-tube for “background noise.”
  • Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination may be my number one bad habit, but I have to get it under control and bring out the time-management superstar I know I have within me.

There’s probably some other stuff, but I’m due back in class. Cheerio!


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