And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming …

… which is not regularly scheduled at all. Welcome back from another random two month break, followed by a double post.

What continues to fascinate me is that all the while, I have a million things I want to blog about. I make lists of entries I want to write, topics I’ve gotten interested or excited about, rants I long to give to the world; but somehow, that never gets out of my head and into a computer. Sometimes it is because I’m busy. But given how much time I spend in YoVille (and now FarmVille) on Facebook, you’d think I could get myself over to Blogger.

I do think the problem is often that I want to write too much. I have these big giant speeches in my head, but to really get them out takes thought and organizing my arguments and that takes way more time than a quick post while I’m on the bus. I just now realized why folks love Twitter so much – or at least why I do: even if it’s only annoyingly 10 characters long, it gives me a little outlet for the bizillion thoughts that go across my head all the time. I even have to restrain myself, so I don’t update my status every 10 minutes. (Of course, if I was able to de-link my Twitter from always updating my Facebook status to just sometimes updating it, that wouldn’t be such an issue – and hence, the rationale for Selective Twitter Status! Man, I come up with all the good ideas … just a year too late.)

Anyway, it just frustrates me, because there’s so much I want to say, and never enough time to say it. Especially not with grad school papers looming around every corner! 😀


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