Random observation

OK, so I’m not fit by any stretch of the imagination, as both my ever-present belly and my consistently low cardiovascular endurance demonstrate. But I also feel like I’m a reasonably active person; I get around to many places by walking, and I have to go up that darn hill to my house every single day. Not to mention, while other very fit people are doing that with only 120-160 pounds on them, I’m carrying 200+ with me all the time.

I’ve always wondered: why doesn’t the simple act of hauling myself around count for more towards my fitness? I mean, I’m not slouching around on a couch or in a car all the time; I walk, I take stairs, I still have to run for that bus or train and I can usually make it. I can walk 2-3 miles on a whim when I decide it’s a nice day and I want the fresh air … I feel like I should be much more fit than I appear.

Mind you, I’m also firmly convinced that I’m a very muscular person – it’s just hidden under a mostly opaque layer of fat. I swear, if you took away my belly, my abs are like a rock. 🙂


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