Debate #2: The Debatening

First off: woohoo for Tom Brokaw for finally cutting somebody off when they keep trying to take too much time! Stick to answering the questions rather than trying to squeeze in your talking points and attacking one another, boys.

Obama gets a better grade on that than McCain does, although he’s starting to run off the rails again. But at least for a little while, at least 50% of each answer was actually related to the question that was asked. What low standards I’ve developed!

  • I’m glad that Obama gave somewhat of a mention to energy consumption as a sacrifice; it’s also interesting to note that neither candidate really addressed the excess consumption problem that we have as a society overall.
  • Nuclear power is the best solution to climate change?!? Oh, oh … it’s beyond response.
  • Enough attacking each other!! Answer the question, answer the question, stop attacking. McCain is the worse culprit on this, but he is by no means alone.
  • I am bummed that MySpace is not allowing me to submit a question online.
  • Ooh, someone thinks we should be peacemakers instead of warmakers! I’m not too impressed with the candidates, but I think I like the audience members. Let’s elect one of them!
  • McCain has a curious definition of peacemaking as shedding blood. I’m not totally a pacifist, but I don’t include fighting in my definition of making peace. The peace gets made later, and not with guns. I think that’s one of the key problems with the way that international “peacekeeping forces” are named and used. Are we actually addressing any of the issues that would help keep or make a long-term peace?
  • Seriously, we wouldn’t have a time problem if these two men would answer a direct question. I know why Senator Obama thinks we didn’t do a proper job in Afghanistan; but the question asked was, “Will you respect Pakistan’s national sovereignty?” He did get to the question eventually, and I think it’s a pretty dangerous answer … on the other hand, McCain’s answer that boils down to, “I might do it, but I won’t tell you beforehand” is still the same pile of dishonest horsespit that it was two weeks ago, although he was smart enough to say it less obviously this time.
  • I cannot believe that Obama asked for extra time not to add something substantive to the Pakistan question, but just to attack McCain some more. For shame!
  • Can we still start a Cold War without the capitalism vs. communism global line-up? I mean, I know we could start a really bad WWIII, but I don’t think it technically still qualifies as the/a Cold War.
  • I agree with one criticism that Sarah Palin made of Joe Biden which also applies here to Obama: when you’re asked what you want to do in the future, the bulk of your answer should be what you want to do in the future, not what someone else did badly in the past.
  • The opinion column in the Metro today was about the almost unilateral US support of Israel, and I think I really agree that this support has to be re-examined and moderated to recognize when Israel is in the wrong. Of course, that would have to apply to our other allies, too!
  • It’s interesting that Iran attacking Israel is called a “second Holocaust” … there’s a difference between one well-armed sovereign nation attacking another well-armed sovereign nation and a government carrying out systematic incarceration and genocide of its one-time citizens. I’d think Darfur is much more of a Holocaust than any attack on Israel; but of course, those are black people, so they don’t count enough for us to act.

I remain less than impressed; I do think Obama gave better answers, though, and related better to the audience. I’m not as irritated as I was last time, but I’m still a little meh.


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