One little political rant before bed.

What Bill Clinton is: Smart guy, charismatic guy, empathetic guy, maybe even a good guy. OK president who benefitted from good economic times, guy who sometimes really puts his foot in it.

What Bill Clinton is not: Candidate for Democratic sainthood; a !@#$ black man.

I just had to say for the record that I'm mildly peeved at how everyone at the convention bent over backwards to thank the Clintons for doing what they should have done weeks ago, which is to stop complaining and admit that Hilary lost the primaries and caucuses. It was close, and certainly not a slam dunk for Obama, but in the end he won and that is that. Nobody got cheated out of Florida's and Michigan's votes; and if you thought they were being excluded from the democratic process, maybe someone should have said so before those states became the last shred of a chance to win the nomination. The DNC didn't form some sort of cabal to take away your frontrunner status. Obama didn't win votes because he was black and a man any more than you did because you were white and a woman – which is to say that both of you probably benefitted as well as suffered from your race/gender identity. In the end you got beat, and the width of the margin doesn't really matter in our majority-wins system, which I'm pretty sure you happily uphold until it doesn't get the results you want.

Also, you totally started running for President from the moment you started running for Senate, and everyone knows it. Plus, exposure to things that go on in a Presidency is not experience in governing. And finally, no matter what kind of speech your husband gave tonight, he said some darn fool things throughout your campaign and became even more of a liability than anyone would have expected. He might have cost you not only the presidential nomination but also the vice presidential nod because of his idiocy. In the end, you two may have done this to yourselves as much as anyone did it to you, in a primary race that was yours to lose a year ago.

Whew! OK, that may have been a little incoherent, but I needed to get all of that off my chest so I don't have to think about it anymore. Good night!


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