So, I realized today that I may have reached the pinnacle of my career, and there might be nothing I have left to do except get married and have babies.

In all seriousness, it's tough to figure out what job I would take after a job like the one I have. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this job was really tailor-made for my aspirations – at least at the time I started it. I think that's not really true anymore; my aspirations haven't changed, but the job has, and it has moved away from a focus that I get excited about and enjoy. For once, I'm not taking this shift personally; there's simply a mismatch, and I don't seem to be the right person for this season of my organization.

Of course, all this requires more thought and prayer before any decisions are made, but the timing is ripe for change and I am looking around to see what's next. I actually had an awesome conversation with a friend just now that opened my eyes to some possibilities beyond the family front; there's a potential chain of opportunities and shifts that could put more people than me in a better position. But those are long-off options as yet, not even solid enough to be considered options in any real sense.

It does give me some hope, though, and a feeling that my passions and energy can still find purpose. Otherwise, in the absence of a potential mate, I'm taking up a job in clothing retail … at least there, I get the perk of dressing myself for cheap.


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