Everything I learned about this weekend I learned from the Boston Metro

I love the Boston Metro (and to a lesser extent, it’s now-defunct competitor, Boston NOW). These little mini-papers, ideal for reading on public transportation, are my primary source of news at this point, besides the beloved Colbert Report; some may call them news-lite, since it’s at least half made up of stories straight off of the AP newswire, but I don’t care, because it takes me at least an hour and a half sitting to read through the Boston Globe, and I only had that kind of time when I was working as an admin assistant and not really doing anything of substance for the first couple hours of my workday.

The Metro has international distribution; my first sighting of it was actually in Paris several years ago. I know here in the States it’s distributed in Boston, Philly and New York. In addition to whatever the national and international news may be, they have a good bit of local content, and so I can also keep posted on events happening here in Boston to which I would otherwise be completely oblivious. Granted, most of the time I just ponder all the cool bands coming while knowing that I’m not quite cool enough to go see them, or look longingly at the theater and dance reviews, but every so often I catch something that it’s entirely likely I may go see or take advantage of when next I decide to be socially plugged in.

This is what the Metro taught me yesterday:

  • Farewell to clocks: That’s right; it may finally be time for my alarm clock to move on to a better place – a recycling center! According to this article, Boston is offering electronic waste recycling today at UMass-Boston from 9AM to 2PM. I can take the 5 old cell phones and PDAs, the long-out-of-use DSL modem, the old DVD player that no longer works, and a couple other items into the city for environmentally friendly disposal. Mind you, though, I’m actually not sure I can take my clock – the list of acceptable materials on the City of Boston website says no to “household appliances.” I can’t tell if a clock rises to the level of a household appliance; I’m taking it down anyway, in the hopes that I can sneak it in.
  • I’m too sexy for your movie house: Unless that movie house is the Somerville or Coolidge Corner Theaters. The Independent Film Festival of Boston is taking place this weekend (or more accurately, since Wednesday), and I was enticed by the possibility of seeing Famke Janssen in real life at the screening of her movie. It’s entirely possible that there’s no way I’m still getting tickets to this evening’s showing, but I’m going to give it a whirl anyway.

In other news, Harold & Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay opened yesterday, and Neil Patrick Harris will be riding a unicorn. (Don’t judge me because I kind of want to see it; you’ve had those movies, too.)

There are other things going on this weekend, most notably good service stuff like the work Rebuilding Together Boston is doing today at Greenwood Memorial UMC in Dorchester. Unfortunately, I’m still at home blogging at 11AM instead of swinging a hammer …


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