Things that are awesome

Lying in my bed, warm and cozy, with my two cats stretched out around my legs. They’re so cute … when they’re asleep.

Since the beginning of the year or so, I’ve started to let them come into the room and hang out with me. Before, they weren’t really allowed in because a) sometimes they’d be mischievous and run around and jump on stuff, and b) previous bed co-habitants were allergic. But then I realized: I’m not allergic, and so long as they behave themselves, why not let them come in? So I did, and they have, and it’s been wonderful. And while they sometimes like to explore around the room and occasionally get into stuff they shouldn’t, their primary activity is just being near me – curled up on the bed, sitting on the floor, wandering around the desk and its environs. They miss me when we’re not in the same room for a long time, and I can’t believe I spent all that time depriving us of each other’s company.

It’s good to be loved.


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