Decision ’08

I became an Obama supporter this weekend. Tonight, I attended this rally. Tomorrow, I will vote.

The tipping point was an email from a professional colleague of mine who is a dean at Northeastern University. This isn’t a man given to sending emails asking you to support this or that cause; in fact, it might have been the first unsolicited email I’ve ever received from him. I think that was the thing, more than anything … the arguments for an Obama vote were not new to me, and were things I’d been thinking myself. It’s the zeal, the passion that he inspires in people, the sense of being a part of something amazing that they just have to share with others. I’m thrilled to see that among voters again – not an “anti” vote, but a truly energized “for” vote, and a sense of being able to make important, real change.

I also love how Obama draws young voters, even young people who can’t vote yet. This is so much more important than just a winning campaign strategy; this is engaging our leaders of the future to be charged-up citizens now. We do such a bad job of showing our children how to participate in their own democracy, of showing them that it is their own democracy, of getting them to feel like the whole thing matters. Obama is making it matter to a demographic written off as chronically uninterested … but perhaps it was that no one was talking about a future that was made for them. For me.

I’m wicked tired, and I’m not writing especially well. So instead, let me leave you with a song:

Can I mention how happy I would be with an Obama/McCain race? Here’s why: finally, instead of having to choose between a candidate I don’t care for and a candidate I really don’t like, I could see an election between two people I respect, where even if my preferred candidate doesn’t win, I will feel fine with the alternative. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

(As a sidenote, a friend of mine today said that if Clinton gets the nomination, he’s actively campaigning for McCain; it was funny to me, because that’s exactly what I was thinking. Of course, if we have a Clinton/Romney, it’s my 2004 election nightmare all over again …)


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