Mobile blogging rules!

I am totally excited (still) by the fact that I can blog from my phone – without that handy feature, I’d hardly ever blog at all. With it, I’ve managed to get 10 posts in this month, a third of my total for all of 2007. And that’s not even counting all the posts I think about, but never quite get around to starting (or finishing) on my phone.

I also still love my phone … it’s a little bulky, and I’ve beaten it up several times by dropping it, but its slide-out keyboard continues to rule over all. Also, I recently discovered why I can’t get an iPhone – it doesn’t have a stylus, and having to take my hands out of my gloves in the single-digit weather to type numbers or look up information is a deal-breaker.

Other things I can do from my phone:

  • Receive email all the time on almost all of my accounts (I am an email junkie)
  • Get directions (awesome on the way to a meeting or a party)
  • Check on Facebook, including uploading photos, videos and notes
  • Watch my sports scores (GO PATS – 18-0!!!!!!)

I do however, sometimes think it is unhealthy for me to be so constantly connected; there’s a sense of never, ever unplugging from the information highway. But actually, I’ve also found that, when I get tired of the constant stream, I’m pretty good at ignoring it or leaving it in another room.


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