Phone Love

It’s a small world after all … Now I can blog from my phone! (I couldn’t take a picture of myself with my phone, so I took this picture instead.)

Have I mentioned how much I love my phone? You can keep all your silly expensive iPhones; they are shiny, and pretty, but my slightly beat up, year-old Cingular 8125 is the jewel of my world. I suppose it’s a bit of an addiction: I love technology, I love being connected, I love having a single machine with my phone, PDA, documents, games, and music all in one. And, even though some people think it’s bulky, the big slide-out keyboard is what I love most; I wouldn’t be typing this right now if this beautiful keyboard didn’t make texting a pleasure instead of a hassle.

OK, that’s all – my ode to my phone is done. I will add a mini-ode to unlocked phones that let me use my T-Mobile service, which is much cheaper than AT&T. And a final ode to T-Mobile itself, which gives me a $39.99 phone plan and a $29.99 for unlimited data and HotSpot access. You rock!


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