Ah, crazy summer supervisor strikes again.  What do you do when you’ve exhausted all of your current options for complaint, and someone is still driving you up a wall?  I’m trying to find my “Zen place,” as I recommended to one of my co-workers, but I seem to be better at dishing out advice than at taking it.


To get it out today, I wrote a memo.  Writing is truly theraputic; after a 7-page memorandum, I feel much better and less angry, even though nothing has changed since 7 hours ago when I read his email.  But getting all of my thoughts out onto paper (or into Word, as you have it) helped so much.  It’s nice to have another way to work through this besides moaning to anyone who will listen among my family and friends; I’m sure they’re tired of hearing about it, and I’m starting to feel like Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls with my constant word vomit about this particular issue.


And so it’s good to have my blog, where I get set my shorter rantings and ravings free without alienating my social circle.  For all the questionable things the internet offers, this is one of the good ones.


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